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The business of feature film financing, production and marketing is constantly in a state of flux. In the past decade, we've seen the global emergence of new digital release platforms, sky-rocketing values from certain territories in the international sales market and significant changes in production techniques, budgeting and financing.

Serving as either Producer, Executive Producer, or Senior Executive Advisor/Consultant, Peter Graves and his Cinemarket team can provide strategic oversight and financial management of your film's life cycle to maximize its commercial potential within current industry conditions.

By integrating analysis of the most up-to-date research data with a customized approach to pinpointing each film's strengths within its core demographic segments, we aim to enhance both the film's marketability (the interest from potential moviegoers driven by its initial marketing) and its playability (how audiences respond to your film when they see it), a process that continues throughout the entire production and distribution cycle. Our goal is to avoid costly missteps and to make sure each film attracts the widest audience in order to generate the highest revenue level possible.

Cinemarket's past projects and executorial experience covers the full range of the motion picture business, from big budget Hollywood franchise films to independent documentaries, from teen-oriented genre movies to foreign films looking to break into the U.S. Our list of clients is equally as diverse, including:

  • Top tier creative talent
  • Domestic production companies
  • Production financing entities
  • P&A funds
  • Internationally-based production companies

Cinemarket can be of great value to any company or individual looking to ensure that their film's production, marketing, and distribution is orchestrated to its maximum financial benefit.

We would be pleased to further discuss these possibilities with you.

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